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How to do Garam Masala at Home?

Garam Masala is the king of all masalas’ in an Indian Kitchen. It is a traditional aromatic blend of multiple spices used to cook food in every Indian recipe. Garam Masala is incredibly fragrant and warm. It is a Northern Indian blend of spices used to flavor curries, soup recipes, and more. India has plenty […]

Cashew Nuts and their Amazing Health Benefits.

Cashew or Kaju is a popular dry fruit with a rich nutty flavor. These nuts are high in calories and loaded with healthy fats, proteins, essential vitamins, and minerals. Just check out the Health Benefits of cashew nuts – An overview from Kerala Spices, the best place to buy Cashews online.   May prevent cardiovascular […]

Different Varieties of Dry Fruits and their Nutritional Value

You might be aware that dry fruits are highly healthy and nutritious. But, you should also know that they also come up with lots of medicinal properties. Most often people think that dry fruits are delicacies. But, because of their unlimited health benefits, they become a must-buy. Even if your kids don’t like eating fresh […]

Health Benefits of Black Tea that you must know.

Tea is the most popular beverage in the world which originates from the plant, Camellia Sinensis. Different ways of harvesting and processing the plant produce different types of tea like Black Tea, Green Tea, or White Tea. Here’s a look at some amazing health benefits of Black Tea that you must know. An insight by […]

Cloves – The Super Healthy Spice in your Kitchen!

  A commonly used spice in Indian kitchens, Cloves are mainly used for adding flavor and fragrance to different dishes. As it is rich in vitamin C it helps your body fight any infections or diseases. Did you know Cloves were used in Ayurveda to treat indigestion, Cancer, Diabetes & other health issues?   Buy […]

Spices to be included in the Indian Spice Box or Masala Dabba

  Adding spices creates the magic in Indian cooking! An Indian spice box or Masala Dabba is an essential accessory in almost every Indian household. The Indian spice box is a stainless steel flat container with a tight-fitting lid to store the spices which makes you more efficient in the kitchen. The very functional Masala […]

Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits of Almonds

  If you visit a dry fruits store online, one of the most recommended dry fruits that you will see will be almonds. The main reason behind this is that almonds offer a number of health benefits. Almonds are a favorite among dieters. It is a dry fruit that is known for its versatility and […]

Health Benefits of Nuts and Dry Fruits.

Try healthy eating with dry fruits and nuts and feel the difference! Over the years, the health benefits of nuts and dried fruits have been proven beyond doubt! They are considered the healthiest snacks that may help to improve our health and prevent diseases when we regularly include them in our daily diet.   Considering […]

Green Tea and its Health Benefits

  Different people start their day by drinking types of beverages. While some people like to start their day with a steaming cup of coffee, others like to drink green tea. If you have not tried green tea, you must give it a try. Making a switch to green tea or even including green tea […]

Tea Varieties and their Health Benefits

Did you know that there are different types of Tea? Each Tea is unique in its fragrance, taste, and its health benefits! Here’s a rundown on a few fragrant tea varieties and their health benefits brought to you by   Green Tea Green tea has the highest concentration of antioxidants amongst all tea varieties. […]

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