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Cardamom, (Scientific Name: Elettaria cardamomum (Linn.) and family: Zingiberaceae) popularly known as the “Queen of Spices” and is one of the most expensive spices in the world, due to its delicate aroma. In India, Kerala accounts for 60 % of the cultivation and production followed by Karnataka 30% and Tamil Nadu 105%. Common varieties are ICRI-1, ICRI-2, Mudigree-1, PV-1, SKP-14 etc.

Package of Practices for Cultivation of Cardamom

It is herbaceous,

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The best place to buy Almonds online

Nuts are God’s gift to mankind. They are rich in nutrients and are delicious. They enhance every cooking and they are loved by everyone including kids. Of all the nuts, Almonds are amongst the most loved. What most people don’t know are the major health benefits of consuming nuts on a regular basis.

Almonds or ‘badam’, as it is called generally across India, is great for enhancing the taste of milk, for kids.

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Buy fresh Kerala Cashew Nuts online

The cashew nuts that are slow roasted and hand processed in Kerala are believed to be the best in quality and the tastiest ever. However today, much of the process is taken over by semi-automated machines. Even then, the best cashews that can be enjoyed with relish are from Kerala.

Cashew can be eaten any time one likes as they are rich in nutrients, provides energy and helps maintain body weight. They contain lots of anti-oxidants,

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Buy the best red chilly powder online

Indian cooking is never complete without red chilly powder. It is that pinch of spice that gives Indian curries its fiery tinge. Chilly powder is used in a whole lot of dishes – both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. It is used in gravies, omelets, sautéed vegetables and a whole lot more.

Chilly powders are spicy hot, contain antioxidants, vitamin C, carotenoids and are involved in helping regulate insulin levels in the body. If you are looking for the finest quality of chilly powder that is best to be used with Indian cooking,

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Enjoy cooking with the best cardamom powder

Most Indian homes have a ready stock of cardamom powder. But to have a ready stock is not an easy task if you have to buy the best cardamom and grind it to make the cardamom powder. Also, you have to grind it in small stocks that can last you for a couple of months. Cardamom powder that is kept for long loses its oil content and becomes flat in taste.

Of course,

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Spices and Health Benefits

After years of cooking and making food for family and sometimes treating guests and friends, many people find that that is falling into a pattern. They find that they are repeatedly making their favorite recipes that have won accolades from all who tasted it. Maybe it is time to change the pattern a bit if you are one such people.

One simple way to bring about a sea change in your cooking pattern is to choose a new set of recipes.

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The magic of Allspice

The festivals are just around the corner, many families will be busy preparing for the celebrations. Some of you may be giving good thought as to what to give away as presents. So how about trying something new by gifting your friends and relatives fresh spices? You can check out the fresh offerings from

One of the spices recommended is Allspice. It is derived from the berries of pimento (Pimenta dioica) tree which is collected as unripe berries and then dried in the sun to give it its distinctive aroma reminiscent of a strong mixture of Nutmeg,

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Buy Indian spices online

What sets Indian cuisine apart from the rest is flavor and aroma. No Indian curry gets made without a liberal sprinkling of some fresh spices. It is the combination of the spices that gives each curry its distinctive taste. Consummate cooks can even give subtle twist to their tried and tested recipes by increasing or decreasing the quantity of a certain spice.
It is the combination of the spices that bring about the distinctive taste be it bitter,

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Spices of South India

Spices of South India

One of the interesting facts about Indian cooking is that there is a sort of divide between North Indian and South Indian cooking with regard to the use of spices. Of course, this difference also goes as far as the oil used is considered, with each region having their favorite oils. So the same curry or dish made with a distinctive set of spices leads to a wholly different taste,

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Cooking with Bay Leaves this Christmas Season

Cooking with Bay Leaves this Christmas Season

Bay leaves are excellent for making the stuffing to put within the chicken that you would be roasting for your Christmas feasts. It can be added to your Pilaf or Fried Rice and even to Biriyani. Cooking Pilaf and other rice dishes with Bay Leaves is an art by itself.

The whole leaf has to be lightly cooked in 1.5 to 2 quart of oil in a saucepan.

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