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Rasam is a dish that originates from the south of India, but has since become common all over India.

It can be eaten with plain boiled rice.

Our Stories Rasam powder makes Rasam preparation easier and faster. It helps to recreate the flavours of whole spices without taking the trouble to roast and ground them individually.

Add a dollop of ghee to the Rasam rice for a richer taste.

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The taste of the Rasam is in the Rasam Powder.

Health Benefits of Rasam

It is not only a treat to the mouth but also has medicinal values.
Soups are usually known to act as an appetizer, similarly the rasam serves as an appetizer and when had at the beginning of the meal is said to increases the appetite.

Rasam contains many spices which are considered beneficial to health. Steaming hot Rasam is supposed to be very soothing when you are suffering from a cold, cough or sore throat.


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