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Kalpaasi / black stone flower – 50Gm


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Kalpasi is the type of lichen, usually used in spices for typical Chettinad and West Indian (Maharashtrian) Cuisines. Dry ground kalpasi has little or no smell and should be roasted in little oil to get its actual and full aroma .Kalpasi or black stone flower is a species of lichen used as spice in India. One of the ingredients in East Indian Bottle Masala, the spice is mostly used in dishes like nahari, Bombay biryani, Goan meat stews.

Names in Different languages

Marathi   – Dagad Phool 

Urdu – Riham karmani 

Malayalam- adal Poove, Celeyam, Kalpuvu 

Tamil   –    Kalpasi, Marapasi

Kannada-Kalahu, Kaluhuva

Hindi-Pathar ka phool, Dagad Phool  



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